Unique experience

Godchef products are the proud result of two years of passionate and diligent research.
We continued to work on the recipes to make the experience on the palate identical to that of our restaurant. To offer our customers a unique experience that cannot be described in words, so we invite you to enjoy them

Condiments and spreads

As a garnish for main courses of meat or fish, or simply spread on toasted bread, Godchef’s “sauces” give a modern touch to traditional Sicilian cuisine, enriching and enhancing classical flavours.


Pasta sauces

At least once a day, we Italians cannot refuse a good dish of pasta. The sauces that we propose are chef Giovanni’s masterpieces.


Second courses

The traditional caponata with the addition of tuna or swordfish becomes a second course or, if served with hunks of homemade bread, a main course with a Mediterranean flavour.


Side dishes

The flavour of caponata takes us Sicilians back in time to when families were numerous and used to gather together for Sunday lunch.


Extra virgin olive oil

We have chosen to accompany our preserves with certified D.O.P. Mount Etna oil, derived exclusively from Sicilian olives and primarily from the Nocellara olives of Mount Etna. Its fruity and slightly spicy flavor makes it a perfect garnish not only for our sauces but also for fish and meat dishes and for salads.

Godchef brand products

Sicilian Sauces

The Godchef products are the result of the use of recipes handed down from generation to generation carefully revisited without distorting the original taste and provide the choice of only raw materials of the Sicilian territory.

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